About Me

H77qPtPg (1)I’m a health professions education researcher and educator pursuing a Ph.D. at the University of Ottawa. My doctoral research explores rural/remote primary care providers’ learning through electronic consultations. I am passionate about improving care in rural and remote Canada through improving healthcare professionals’ continuing education.

But I didn’t always love research. When I get asked how I got into research, I often tell people that my first job as an RA should have stood for Researcher Accidentally – not Research Associate – because I never intended on becoming a researcher. My journey into research has been (and continues to be) a delicate sequence of events that took me from despising research to loving it so much I actually want to talk about it when I’m off the clock.

I hope that in starting Researcher Accidentally I’m able to share the fun and often humourous side of research, some lessons learned, and of course some of my “academic” rantings and ravings that would never survive the peer review process.

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